To Rent For Sale

We offer Transparent, Affordable and Reliable services that ensure a stress-free experience for you. Our team of expert agents is committed to providing you with the best possible outcome by using effective Personalised Property packages. You can trust us to handle the sale of your property with professionalism and integrity. Let us take care of the process and deliver the results you deserve. See below for our Sale Package options.

Option 1: No Sale No Fee

This is RÜUT ‘No Sale No Fee’ challenge! We will not charge you for any of the work we carry out until we have exchanged and completed on your property. We want to be transparent and that’s exactly why we have decided to display what we will charge you for our services. There will be no variation what so ever.

What should you expect from this service?

Our current fixed rate is 0.8%
This service will offer our customers the same traditional estate agency services. Which includes:

  • Free Valuations 
  • Designated Expert Sales Team 
  • Online Marketing 
  • Photographs
  • Social media Promotion
  • Exclusive For Sale Board 
  • Floor Plans 
  • Viewings 
  • Offers & Negotiation
  • Aftersales assistance


Option 2: Fixed Fee from £469

Expect the traditional estate agency service with a small upfront charge. Under this option our RÜUT customers can take advantage of our fixed sale prices which prove to be extremely cost effective and offers thousands of pound worth of savings later on. We will also offer a personalised property management service.

Option 3: No Seller's Fee

Yes, that’s correct you pay nothing!

Not even when your property contracts exchange. This method of selling is very similar to the traditional way of selling. Our market leading auction partners have made a new and exclusive service available for RÜUT customers.

What should you expect from this service?

  • No Sales Fee – Selecting a sale by auction, means you have an option to sell for 0% sales fee meaning you keep ALL of your sales proceeds
  • No Sale No Fee Legal Pack
  • Fixed Completion Date – you can choose the auction method which best suites your circumstances and time scale. An online auction can start on any day and run for as long as you require, with the added benefit of fixed exchange and completion dates from the start.
  • Competitive bidding- by pricing your property correctly, we aim to generate the maximum interest in your property. This will create a competitive bidding environment, to achieve the best price possible at the end of the auction.
  • Extensive Marketing – We will market your property in all the usual ways i.e. you will still get a ‘for sale’ board, listing on, Zoopla, OnTheMarket, our own website and we’ll promote your property to our own list of active buyers. Your property will also be promoted via our partners, who will advertise your property on its auction website and to an extensive database of investors, property dealers and buyers, giving you even greater marketing exposure than ever before.
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